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Passion - Experience - Honesty

State of ACT Legislative Assembly politics.


Since self Government was forced onto us by Federal Labor, successive local Labor and Liberal Governments have each had a hand in the slow but gradual decline of Canberra, particularly to Southern Canberra / Tuggeranong.


Each have blamed each other for the mess and problems they have created, yet behind closed door’s they do private, secret, duplicitous deals, which include awarding themselves outrageously high paying government jobs, whilst jacking up our rates, fines, parking and other charges, telling us they don’t have any of our money left for the things we expect..


The major parties working together with the Greens they have also tried everything to prevent and inhibit democracy by making it very difficult for non-party Canberrans to stand. 

With ever decreasing services, especially front line critical services, which we all need and count on, whilst our rapidly increasing rates and charges are being mismanaged and wasted.
Ask yourself one question...
What have your current MLA’s done for you or your local area,  do you think being a former staffer or in opposition is a good enough reason or qualification to get your vote on election day…?
They simply don't deserve your vote.
On election day Vote 1 for Andrew HOLT. I will bring common sense and much needed intelligence to the Assembly as well as much needed order to the endless non-productive government talk fest's, which are time consuming and expensive.
I will not loose sight of who I represent and why and will be open and honest in my dealings with all, without dubious influence or control by party factions, bean counters or others...
On Election day don't waste your vote with fringe minor parties either. 
For a real positive change this time to ACT Government make your vote count, give your first preference to your strong local independent.
Locate Andrew HOLT in the Un-Grouped column on the far right of the ballot paper and put a 1 next to my name, then put 2, 3, 4, 5 for others you wish to vote for.
Canberra - Its time to spread the word - Vote for Your Local INDEPENDENT

Lawyers - The in-justice in our justice system.

                  Legal Profession inquiry and proper                   independent and accountable                               complaints handling, review and                         oversight.

Laywers and the legal system have gotten out of control and they are sucking the life out of hard working families. I'm calling for an end to self regulation of the legal industry here in Canberra and the establishment of an independent statutory authority with powers to properly act against shonky lawyers and properly protect the community.

I also want to see unprofessional lawyers run out of our town.

Light Rail and the Expenditure of our money

                   Proper community consultation                        and mandate for significant                                capital expenditure of public                              monies.

A prime example is the way labour have brought about the light rail (ALP's/Greens - Train Set) onto us by stealth. The current spin and deception on this project including the con job being put out seeking consultation on rolling out to other suburbs across Canberra is outragous, its simply not going to be happening in the forsigable future.

Domestic Violence Policy Reform

                             The establishment of a                                          proper Domestic Violence                                    framework which properly                                  protects the innocent - no                                    matter their Gender.

The current Domestic Violence Stratagies and AVO process is fundamentally flawed and broken and needs to be complely restructured to properly protect all innocent parties and not just blame and vilify almost half of our population.

Social Services

                             Better care and protection                                  services for our children,                                      elderly, veterans and                                            disadvantaged.

Successive Labor and Liberal governments have failed to properly protect those most vulnerable within our community. Canberra currently has the second highest homeless rate of any capital city in Australia, its a national disgrace, this can and needs to be addressed. 

Please Note: 
I have absolutely no connection nor affiliation with any major or minor parties and my campaign is being funded my myself. As an Independent its a much harder task and unlike candidates who are running with parties, I don't have a party machine doing everything for me. This is the first website I have ever built in 2 weeks and 4 weeks out from the election date, going live 18/09/2016 and I have done my best to provide as much information as I can for voters to get to know me and understand where I'm coming from and how I can make a real positive difference and serious improvements to the Assembly. The reactions, support and positive comments have been amazing, please keep them coming and I will do my best to respond quickly.