Vikings Club - Tuggeranong Town Centre


Campaign announcement for immediate release


Announcement. Friday 23 September 2016.


Independent Candidate for Brindabella, Andrew Holt is pleased to announce he is in full support of Clubs ACT and local clubs.


He says, “ACT Licensed Clubs have every right to object to the way they are currently being treated by Labor and the Greens, Clubs contribute far more then the ACT Government to our local communities and much more then any Casino ever has or would”.


“I strongly support our local clubs over this governments flawed and failed policies and other interests”. 


“I have long been a proud member of several local clubs and they an important community hub which put back so much and they need to be given credit and praise for being professional and responsible operators”.  


“Clubs understand the need to transition away from poker machine revenue, however they need to be given the time require to do this so as to not destroy their viability to function”.


“I’m very excited with plans my local Vikings club have for the future and I can’t wait to see it all come together and the government needs to support them, not kick them in the guts”.


Andrew is also running for:


•    Open, honest and accountable government.

•    Full investigation into the out of control legal profession and review of their self-regulation.

•    A domestic violence policy framework that actually protects the Innocent on all sides.

•    Better services, revitalization and representation for Tuggeranong.

•    Support for local community groups and clubs.

•    Government that works for all Canberrans, not themselves or the North.

•    End the Waste, Mismanagement and Incompetence.


He feels the Legislative Assembly lacks much needed real world skills and experience.


“I find it interesting that many of those that are in or looking to get into the Assembly or are already there, sight the fact they have been a former staffer or in opposition as their qualification for a position as an MLA and not what they have achieved in the real world”


Many might have come across Andrew over the years, through his involvement in various corporate, government and community roles or as former President of the Canberra Inventors Association Inc, volunteer emergency services or as a volunteer in numerous community charity or sporting organizations. He has also been an advisor to both local and federal government including being a member of the ACT Governments very successful Can-Trade.


“After much consideration and years of people saying I should, I have decided to run, because clearly there is a need for real world experience in the Assembly and I have a lot to offer” Andrew said.


For further comment contact:-

Andrew Holt

Independent Candidate for Brindabella

and proud, long time member of numerous ACT Clubs.