Strong support for our Front Line Emergency Services.



I strongly support our front line services Police, Fire and Ambulance services as well as other ESA – Emergency services.


I was a volunteer in the ACT Rural Fire Fighting service for almost 5 years and having work in and around other emergency services throughout the years, I have a very good working knowledge and understanding of not only the wonderful job these services do for our community on a daily basis, but many of the difficulties they face, especially in dealing with government and bean counters.


If elected to the Legislative Assembly I pledge to do everything I can to support and assist these services and their members. I will defend them if necessary should they require against those that would seek to reduce and diminish their capacity to function effectively in their duties or against policies that might put them at an unacceptable increased risk of not returning safely to their loved ones.


Currently the ACT Fire Bridge – United Firefighters Union, ACT Branch is running a campaign called, ACT on Fire – Rescue Canberra’s Future, which I strongly support.

Please take a moment to check out their site, which high lights the issues in relation to Canberra’s diminished capacity to defend itself against a serious fire threat.

This is an issue very close to many including me and I was around when the last big one hit Canberra and to this day maintain we where not told the truth about what happened and why by the ACT Government at the time.

Unfortunately the issues the Firefighters are raising are a direct reflection of the redirection of government priorities and funding away from the services we elect them to provide.


Instead they spend money on pet projects the majority of us don't want and on minority PC causes, mostly at the behest of the Leftist minority and fringe groups and The Greens.

This has got to stop.