The In-Justice in the Justice System

The Problem

We have serious in-justice problems in our society and I’m getting more and more concerned with how lawyers and law firms are taking advantage of those doing it hard and the way they are treating people in Canberra, “Their Clients”, "US".


The huge fees lawyers are charging their clients is obscene and when you compare this with other service providers, they don’t even have to get you results, yet still expect to get paid regardless.


I believe this profession "industry", is causing all kinds of pressure and distress out in our community and lawyers are more often the problem not the solution, particularly in family law matters where they are charging hourly rates, which can be higher, then their clients earn in a whole week of long, hard working hours.


Universities are churning out want to be lawyers at a high rate and most are just focused on one thing, how much they can earn. Law firms are all about chargeable hours and will even charge you for the privilege of finding out whether they will take your matter on.


Often when a lawyer takes your important matter to court they are managing several other clients at the same time. When they finally get before a Judge or Magistrate they often under present or represent your matter, selling their clients short as they don’t fully understand all the important details of your matter.

Lawyers claim to be honourable and have your best interests at heart yet they often do the exact opposite.  Instead of helping to resolve your matter quickly and at low cost they deliberately drag your matter out for as long as they can, all the while charging you more for their inability to deliver the results they claimed they could deliver. If you found a taxi driver was taking the longest, slowest route to take you to where you wanted to be, you would be very upset, yet lawyers are doing exactly that all the time and we are all being shafted.


They blame the system and clogged courts for this, however do nothing to fix this problem, only help to contribute. So your made to pay even more for the delays and extremely inefficient court process which can drag on for years.


I also believe there are many shonky lawyers operating in Canberra and whilst this does not apply to all lawyers, I believe there are many that should not be practicing law in this town and should be exposed and shut down.

Unfortunately, I do not see this happening though the current ACT Law Society system of self-regulation, with lawyers regulating themselves.


Over the years I have seen many examples and spoken to many who agree, this system does not work and is so fundamentally flawed, it needs to be changed with a major overhaul.

Unfortunately the legal profession is so ingrained into political parties and the legislative process, finding those with the interests of the general public at heart, is not easy.

The Solution

I’m calling for a much needed inquiry into the legal profession here in Canberra, ACAT and the ACT Law Society and the implementation of a proper independent body with the powers to properly protect Canberrans from doggy operators in this space.

I believe this same body could operate in the duel capacity as an ACT Independent Commission Against Corruption, dealing with other Government related matters to properly protect our community. 


I believe lawyers should be your last resort and that governments should make dealing with disputes and legal matters a lot easier to resolve without lawyers, who have spent hundreds of years designing overly complicated and highly inefficient systems designed to keep them in control and to get their hands on your money.


I would like to see Canberra become of world leader in designing a much easier and less adversarial process, which also allows people to more fairly represent their own matters without lawyers being involved. To help facilitate this process I would like to see, short how to courses, run through the year to teach those wishing to represent themselves how to properly present their matter to a court of law and get a fair hearing.


At the end of the day the current legal system is robbing all of us, mothers, fathers and especially our children of large amounts of hard earned money, whilst making lawyers richer.

Help me to work on fixing this issue by putting me as your first choice with a 1 next to me name and I will push to clean up this industry and protect people from this kind of behavour.