This Image of Canberra will soon be scared with overhead power lines and train tracks thanks to ACT Labor and the Greens

Light Rail - Its a complete waste of our money.


The Problem


The Barr Labor ACT Government together with the Greens have totally ignored the Canberra community in pushing ahead with their flawed light rail (train-set). The level of shear bastardry towards all Canberrans in locking in contracts for a project that will carry penalty costs if broken, knowing the amount of community opposition, is staggering.


Voters ought to be outraged and rightly so, its criminal what has been allowed to be done.


Aside from changing the total appearance of Canberra and the entry to the Nations Capital, they have also ignored their own research and expert advice in relation to the costs and viability of such a project. This means we will be paying for this ridiculous project well beyond its projected 20 year life span.


This is a rushed through project which all Canberrans will be paying for the next 20 years and beyond, all to gain power and the support of one Green MLA.


Ask yourself where do you think the bulk of this money will end up. Its coming from our pockets and going into the pockets of others, likely outside of Canberra altogether.


Back in the mid 90’s when I was President of the Canberra Inventor’s Association Inc, I brought a light rail project to the ACT Government on behalf of one of our members, after Arthur Bishop contacted me and asked if Canberra would be interested.

The project and system was called Bishop Austrans and its creator is one of Australia’s most famous and prolific Innovative designers and inventors. Arthur even features at the Australian Powerhouse Museum.


The Austrans system was presented to the ACT for consideration to run an automatous service from the Airport to Civic, with a projected people movement capacity of 10,000 passengers per hour. The Carnell Government were very interested in this project, for obvious reasons.


How much was this system going to cost Canberra, wait for it, because here comes the kicker....


Arthur and his company where going to build and give this system to Canberra for free,

yes that’s right FREE…

All Arthur wanted was the land corridor to be made available at no cost and to be able to show case this new system to the world, yes that’s right promote Canberra to the world for FREE as a technology world leader. 


Why did this not happen…? Glad you asked. Largely because the Labor opposition and then subsequent new Labor government knocked it back, claiming they did not want it nor were they prepared to make the land corridor available.


ACT Labor also killed off Can-Trade which helped pull Canberra out of huge federal public service slump. This assistance was provide by us to Government for free with significant results including the Canberra Region Campaign and Honorary Canberra Ambassador program, which promoted Canberra to the world.

Now Labor are paying a now former Liberal 2 million dollars over 5 years to do what we were doing for free... All so he did not run against them, Its just crazy.


So ask yourself why are Labor/Greens pushing such an overly priced, backward,  eye-saw of a project onto us…? Aside from buying and owing property along the proposed route, It just does not stack up.


The Solution


I’m not opposed to technology at all and I'm certainly in support of a better transport network.


The answer is in a better more extensive bus network, run increasingly with clean energy options such as electric and electric/hybrid.


I want to see our Canberra bus drivers happy again and looking forward to going to work, driving clean busses with happy passengers.


This is the answer not some costly Tram / Train Set which we simple can’t afford. This money should be getting directed into projects that we need and that will directly benefit all of us. 

I want to see limits brought which control the amount Government can spend without a proper mandate. I would suggest if the Assembly can't get a 2/3 majority vote in favour it needs to go to the people of Canberra, either at an election or seperate referendum.