My C.A.D R&D Office at Hammond.
Feild Day 1 2015
Andrew on 2CN-666 1994
Rob de Castella-MC, Andrew Holt-Assoc President, Diane Mior-MS Society, Prof Rob Morrision-Assoc Patron (Curriosity Show), Lesley Levey-Assoc Sec.
Andrew's R&D Office at Hammond
Loading Australian designed and manufactured electronic organs for world export.

MEET Andrew Holt 

Real World Experience, Intelligence and Leadership is Required to Deliver Results for Our Community

Andrew Holt has a long and established record of accomplishment in the private, government and community sectors and is a father of two wonderful boys, aged 14 and 7.

He was born in Sydney on October 1968 into a middle class family with two younger sisters. His mother and father meet whilst working in real estate, developing and selling land along the South Coast of NSW. Andrew’s father Michael was dux of his school and a Sargent in the CMF and after the bitter disappointment of missing out of admission to Duntroon Military Collage, due to being still under the age requirement by several months, he went into real-estate.

Soon after they got married, Andrews’s father established a building company, building homes throughout Sydney and the Central Coast of NSW. Andrew and his sisters were sent to private schools until they moved to small farm on the Central Coast in 1980. Whilst at Knox Grammar School Andrew was in the same year as Actor Hugh Jackman, which his youngest son Alexander thinks is pretty cool that his dad went to school with “Wolverine”. In 1983, Andrew together with his mother and two sisters moved to Canberra, after his parent’s separation, where he completed year 9 and 10 at Deakin High School, then years 11 & 12 at St Edmonds College.

His first job when leaving year 12 was as a branch service manager of an international product company. In 1988 he moved to the Central Coast and took a job in Mt Karingi, Sydney working for the head office of Hammond Organs Pty Ltd, where he was soon promoted to the Research & Development Engineering Department, designing complex production designs using Computer Aided Design software, which he quickly taught himself how to use. His design solutions were incorporated into production of electrical organs from the world famous Hammond Organs Company, which were then exported and distributed around the world. Due to ongoing Union Warf strikes at Australian ports the company was forced to move its head office operations out of Australia and back to Chicago, USA where Andrew was invited to move with the company for 5 years, however pulled out and decided to stay in Australia, two day before he was due to leave.

After managing his families Kitchen Joinery business for about a year, Andrew returned in 1991 to Canberra. He soon founded and established the Canberra Inventors Association Inc., which he ran as President for approx. 7 years after raising 10’s of millions of dollars for local Inventors and Innovators for their projects, winning numerous National and International awards. During this time he regularly appeared in numerous local and national television news stories (7, 9, Win, 10 & ABC) as well as A-Current Affair and newspaper articles and had a regular monthly ABC-666 Radio segment on Australian Innovation which he did for approx. 5 years.

Andrew has spent much of his working life helping others and in management positions as well as an advisor to both local and federal governments and countless community organisations, businesses and individuals over the years. After leaving Airservices Australia as a Procurement & Contracts specialist at EL2 level he stepped out of many of the area's he was involved in to care for his new born son.

Recently he has worked in the retail sector and for the past 4 years full time in the security industry, adding to his already extensive experience.